Who needs a coach?

Like Bill Gates said: "Everyone needs a coach.  We all need people who will give us feedback, that's how we improve."
And that's why I have decided to become a coach.

Usa Suayoop

I am a coach certified by the International Coaching Federation (ACC).


We provide one-on-one, team and group coaching sessions.


coaching sessions


coaching sessions


Coaching sessions

The benefits

Executive & Leadership Coach

The coaching process can help individuals, teams and groups improve their leadership and management skills, develop a greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and set and achieve personal and professional goals. 

Coaching can also provide support and guidance for individuals navigating difficult professional situations, such as managing a team, dealing with workplace conflicts, or transitioning to a new role. 

Additionally, executive coaching can help individuals build their confidence and improve their communication and decision-making abilities, which can ultimately lead to increased job satisfaction and career success.

Why Google CEO Eric Shmidth has a coach?

Eric Schmith, Google CEO

Coaching demonstration by Usa Suayroop

About Usa Suayroop

Usa Suayroop is a Thai based in Bangkok, Thailand. She is a ICF Coach with ACC credentials and have experienced 400 coaching hours. She is working towards PCC credential and Advanced Certification in Team Coaching with ICF.

She also have a full-time job as Administration Manager, Head of Department with 10 team members and lead another team which is the Office Management Team with 6 members. Apart from that she is an executive assistant to the executive team (EXCO) with 3 members.

She enjoys coaching and is happy to help others in an effective way.

Usa Suayroop is a certified coach who works with individuals, groups and teams. She is passionate about helping individuals and organizations unlock their full potential and achieve outstanding results. Usa has honed her skills in guiding clients through personal and professional transformations.

Usa believes in the inherent strengths and capabilities of her clients and works collaboratively to help them overcome obstacles, develop new perspectives, and create strategies for success. She empowers individuals to gain clarity, set meaningful goals, and take decisive action steps towards their desired outcomes.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey and achieve remarkable results in your personal or professional life, Usa Suayroop is the coach you can trust. Contact Usa Suayroop today to schedule coaching sessions.



/ 1-hour 

First discovery session

Ideal to get perspective

  • Learn about each other's chemistry




/4 sessions


Weekly coaching sessions

  • Free Discovery Session
  • 1 hour per week



/12 sessions


Weekly coaching sessions

  • Free Discovery Session
  • 1 hour per week


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"When I first started to work with Usa, I was looking for a deeper meaning to my life.

I honestly didn't know it would be possible to find it. I told myself I will try a few sessions with her to see if it could work.

When I understood the value of a weekly coaching session, which is for me to find solutions to my problems, I decided to meet with her on an on-going basis.

With her deep questions, I have discovered what I truely wanted to do with my life, and got over the fears of working towards it.

I went from being negative and worried to being positive and enthousiastic about life.

If you are looking for someone to talk through your existential questions, Usa is very patient and made me realize what my goals are and I have tranformed my life and business."

Denis Ethier

Founder of ThriveMate

"Usa helped me to gain a deeper awareness of my strengths, values, and priorities.

Her ability to create a reflective space allowed me to explore my thoughts and feelings more deeply, which helped me to make more informed decisions.

She was great at helping me to identify clear and actionable steps to move forward towards my goals.

Her ability to break down complex challenges into manageable steps helped me to stay focused and motivated."

Antanas Jurevicius

COO at TD Baltic, EMBA, ICF Business Coach, ACC

"Usa is a fantastic life coach. Her gentle style and support have helped me tremendously.

I was struggling with work and was not happy with my life. She helped me figure out how to manage my life. She guided me to see the value in myself and know what path I should move next.

Within the past few months, I am now a consultant, an entrepreneur, and a teacher at the same time! Thank you, Usa for coaching me to handle my life professionally."

Kamolchanok Wattanaprasert

Marketing Passionate : Currently marketing strategist & consultant